The wounded memory

The wounded memory, the pain that never goes

The moment, frozen in time

For good or ill,

The wounded memory, slowly healing

Day by day, night by night

Moving forward, to peace

The wounded memory, never fully healed

But feeling safe, feeling alive

Hopeful, living again


Thunder and lightening

Thunder and lightning,

flashing lights and rumbles

Crashing and flashing

Thunder, thunder and thunder

Rumbling away and grumbling

The noise is unbearable

Then the rain comes and freshens the air

Pitter, patter drip and drop

The sunshine brings a rainbow

The tunnel 

The tunnel, as you enter

The dark encompasses you

Fear, loneliness and dread 

You continue alone, no light

Dankness and darkness, you shiver

Step by step, moving ever forward 

In the dark
A spec of light, a ray of hope

Step by lonely step 

Facing forward, alive and living 

Closer to freedom, full of hope 

The end I near, light so bright 

It opens up, full of hope

The tunnel, part of the journey 

Taking my dreams back

Dreaming of a star that shoots

Zipping past like a flash 

Dreaming of riding that star

To the end of the universe 
Dreaming about winning the race

Never stopping, always going 

Dreaming about being back as a child 

The innocence so alive
Taking back my dreams 

Day by day, hour by hour

Looking forward, never slowing 

Taking back my dreams, seeing hope 

Fire and darkness 

Fire and darkness, walking through the wood

Good or evil, the owls are listening 

White or black, which entrance do you take 
To the lodge, with pure heart

Opening play, who will win

New shoes or old, hiding in plain sight 
The woods are crying, why why why

The names of Bob and Mike, burning like fire

One bad and one good
Inspired by Twin Peaks and David Lynch