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Morning motivation

So my morning motivation is this, in 2016 I won an award for acting. Well not quite, you see I was stage managing a one act play.

Also I had to do the sound effect for “Tinkerbell”, yes the fairy. So the part called for me to run around tinkling a small bell in response to lines from the other fairies in this play. I wasn’t seen, but I was heard.

At the end of the performance, the adjudicator asked how we did Tinkerbell. At this point, I shied away and kept quiet. Only for the rest of the cast to point in my direction.

So I didn’t fancy going to the awards ceremony on the Saturday evening. But I got a call from a friend saying I have won the adjudicator’s award for Tinkerbell.

I have put the certificate in a place where it is the first thing I see in the morning. That is my morning motivation.


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