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These posts are difficult to write. Over the last few years I’ve charted my progress. Either by looking to anniversaries or memories.

This one is different, because I realise that I forgot an anniversary. Well seven years ago I had some conversations about the then Pope’s visit.

These conversations brought up the abuse stuff, as I look back I see that I’m better off by dealing with it. I seem to be progressing towards thriving and beating this. 

I said when I started this journey I wanted to help others, I feel that I’m now achieving this in my small way. 

So what progress have I made, I’m more self assured and open about my sexuality. I realise that only I can put this to rest. 

As far as my abuser is concerned, I pity him and I feel no malice towards him. What has happened, has happened. I can’t change my past, but I can make my future.


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