Counting blessings

This is one of those over used phrases, but in my case I can now see that I have been blessed by so many things. Throughout my journey, there have been the right people at the right time. Some of those didn’t know it and acted in a way that wasn’t helpful.

As I look back, five years ago I was looking for a hobby, something to take up a few hours a week. Something to keep me interested in living, that was where I found a passion for theatre and drama. 

This is one of my biggest blessings, it has given me a second shot at life and hope. Also my job, it gives me the means to follow my hobby.

I am now in a better place than ever and I can see that the hard times have been worth it.

So for me I will continue to count my blessings. 


Thriving for the future

This  isn’t the topic I was going to write about. But sometimes you should go with the flow.
Part of my plan for dealing with this is to sort out my mental health. Today I started to deal with the mood swings and thy and restore some equilibrium to my thoughts and mind.

I know I’ll have to do the hard work, this is the only way I’ll really beat this once and for all. I realise that I overthink things, read things in to a situation that aren’t really there. I must remember to be kind to myself and not let my doubts rule my mind.

Sometimes, I let that doubt win. Now I must silence that doubt and just accept that I’m not perfect (I am really). Now is the time I start thriving. 

Living with mental illness 

So for the last six years or so I’ve lived with mental illness, I’ve had my up’s and down’s. The problem is my mind is like a roulette, I don’t know how I’ll wake up of a morning. 

Whether I’m going to be on a high or not. I’m struggling to comprehend my feelings at the moment. Also struggling at work sometimes.

Even with the coping methods I have, I get overwhelmed with emotion and anxiety. This is not an easy way to live but I get on with my life. Hopefully keeping positive while dealing with this. 

How writing helps

Over the last few days and weeks I’ve struggled with my mood. However sometimes just writing down my feelings has helped focus my mind.

It’s times like this that I’m more creative. Somethings are easy to write about, but my feelings when down is hard. Sometimes I realise that you just have to ride the wave. I have been so lucky to have a large group of people who care about me. There are some just dealing with this on their own.

When I write, I feel empowered and invincible. I can take on the world and some. I hope my words help others and can show that recovery is possible.

Even though I’m struggling I can see how far I’ve come. Ever onwards to be the person I am meant to be.