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A letter for Ed six years ago.

Dear Ed,

I know that you’re struggling at the moment, this will pass. I know that you’re thinking this rubbish and you’ll never get through this.

You will, you’ll face some dark times and you’ll think it’s best to give up. DON’T. I’m not going to lie to you, it’ll be the hardest thing you’ve done. You will face your darkest days, but in the process you’ll reach heights you never thought you’d reach. 

You are going to cry so hard it hurts but then comes the laughter and joy. You are so strong and so lucky, you’ll find out that even when you can’t face the world, you’ll do it and win.

You are so brave and strong, you will become a fun loving person with true friends. You will make mistakes and you’ll blame yourself, Don’t. You will finally see that what ever happened, you are the one person who can change the world. You will begin to thrive and we will beat this together.

Love Ed 2016, thriver.

This is what I’d what to myself if I could go back and do so.


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