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Six years of using my voice.

So six years of writing this blog. Six years of bearing my soul to the world. Over the last few weeks I’ve become more aware of my own limitations, my moods have been very erratic. Sometimes I feel I’ve made no progress and on other occasions I feel I am invincible.

At the moment I feel more vulnerable and alone, even with my wonderful friends. I sometimes wish I’d never started this journey, but I realise as I’ve let the genie out of the bottle there’s no going back.

Sometimes I feel that all this has been for nothing and no one really wants to hear what I have to say. So six years on, I’ve started to see the real Ed. 

The Ed, who is true to himself. Even when others who were there at the start of this journey, maybe it’s time to let them go and focus on the friends who are there for me now.

So onwards to a brighter future?


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