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Running away

For so many years I’ve been running away from my past. Running from the pain, running from every decision. Blaming everyone for my situation, never accepting that I’m the only one who can face this. I’ve been running for so long, I had forgotten how to stop and look back. 

When this came to the fore six years ago, I ran and hid from life. Running from family and friends, I spent most of May last year in community running from God and my fellow community members. 

I’m only now realising that I need to stop running and let my past teach me about being the person I’m meant to be. Realising that I have so much to offer my friends, work colleagues and the world. I now feel privileged to be able share who I am with those who care. Those who live me for being me. Those who I’ve not met yet but hopefully will have a positive effect on. 

And those who have read my thoughts here, if you’re a survivor. You will thrive. If you’re just someone who supports a survivor, you are just the best.

I’ve never shared the fact that, I’m scared so much. Not knowing what the future holds. But the future is mine to shape. 


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