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The dark shadow 

Even though I’ve dealing with the depression better, it’s still there like a dark shadow. There are times that I doubt that I will ever beat this. I’ve learned that in a way I can use my experience of this shadow to bring light into others lives. 

There are moments when all I can do is cry, at these times I remember that each tear is a healing tear. Sometimes even when I’m smiling and laughing on the outside, crying on the inside. These days are days I cherish, they show that I’m alive.

The dark shadow, over my life

Blotting out the light

Following my every move

Always there, always near
The dark shadow, trying to cover me

Stifling my light

Draining energy

Always here, always around
The dark shadow, I know your there 

But the light of my heart

Shining bright, cutting through 

Slowly going, shadow gone


One response to “The dark shadow 

  1. I’m so glad you made it. Hugs for you. XX

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