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Being a voice 

I am realising that my experience of being abused has given me one of the greatest gifts. It has given me a reason fight and to use my voice. 

This was started to air my pain and my journey. Now I will use this blog, to fight for justice and fight for those who have are struggling to find their voice. I will now fight to get help for those who need it, to be a voice for the silent thousands. I have been given a second chance to live.

Survivors find it hard to find their voices, but now I can help those find their voices. I’m now at that point in my healing that I have the confidence to be open about my past. Yes it hurts, but chanelling this pain to create something positive and healing for others. 

I also realise the help certain people gave to me. I have never thanked them properly. 
I want to turn this in to the true voice of healing. 


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