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What gives me life

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to find myself. After disclosing, my life became chaos. In that chaos, I’ve found an inner peace. I’ve found that my relationship with God has changed. Early on I would rage at everyone and everything, I even thought that I would never see the course.

Sometimes you just have to, just let it go. Since the abuse, I’ve found that I can’t trust men. However over the last few years, that trust is being restored anew. 

This has come about by being able be free. The freedom to be someone else, to be able to release the pain and shame. Last week I went back to my old community for a day’s voluenteering, I was very nervious and I almost didn’t go. The thing that made me feel better was, the welcome and the love shown to me. Even though things didn’t work out five years ago, I know that I was meant to go there.

Finding, what gives me life was a huge milestone. I believe that things happen for a reason, I feel that I was meant to find the theatre group and that it has made me a happier person. 

As I continue with my journey, I’m seeing glimpses of what I can achieve and I know that I will beat this and become a thriver.  


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