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The plan

So , how am I going to move forward. I now have the tools to deal with the depression and CPTSD. The plan moving forward is to work with survivors full time. I feel that I can use my talents to help others. I’ve always been a good listener and I’m able to show empathy towards others.

I feel that given the chance I would make a good advocate for other survivors. I’ve come to realise that I have been chosen to be the voice for those who haven’t found their voice as yet. Someone, who can share my story with compassion and with love. 

I’m going to start to write a play about my journey, I feel that it’ll be good for me to just write about my experiences to date. I firmly believe that the innocent victims need a voice. I’ve wondered about sharing this part of my journey in a testomony, something that can inspire and comfort others. 


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