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Facing my fears

I now realise that I must face my fears, they have been with me for many years. They have stopped me from breaking the cycle of short term relief. Stopping me from moving forward and finally putting this stuff behind me.

I know that the next few weeks are going to be tough and not very nice to experience. Having goals to achieve and knowing I’ll be in a better place to face the future. 

I know that I have to work at this, but I’m strong and I’m a winner. As time goes on I realise that only I can fight this battle. A battle that moves me on to being a thriver.

I think back to when all this blew up and the response from some people. Wanting to isolate me by giving me tasks that had to be done alone. 

I realise now that I need to be around people, to stop me from dwelling on my past, things to focus my mind on positives. 


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