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Speaking up, sounding off

There is one thing that has shocked me over the last few years, the amount of men and boys who have suffered some form of abuse.

In the USA one in six men have suffered the pain and shame of what happened. When I started this blog I wanted to bring hope to others. There is still an expectation for men to be strong silent types.

Due to certain events over the last four years, this attitude has changed. Still keeping quiet is the only option for some men. The help is just not there for men.

My ambition is in time to be an advocate for male survivors, to help them find peace and to be able to empower all survivors both male and female so we can use our full potential. I realised that the most positive and constructive way, is to speak up and use my gifts.

I realise that I have a unique way with words, so my poetry means so much to me. It's a release for my emotions. I realise that creativity can be used in all aspects of my life.



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