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Why I started this blog

I think I’ve already written about this but just as a reminder. When all this came up for me, I only knew one man who’d gone through this. It was as though there was a shroud of silence around abuse and men. It felt like no one else has, had to face what I happened to me.

How wrong I was, over the first few months after disclosing. I realised that I wasn’t alone, there are thousands of male survivors here in the uk. It seems that still it’s a taboo subject. In the USA there are 1 in 6 male survivors, in November 2010, 200 awesome men appeared on the Oprah show to share their stories. 

These are the exception to the rule, there are too many men and boys suffering in silence (the abusers best weapon). It’s time that men were encouraged to open up and start to heal. This topic should not be a taboo subject. Men and boys need help to share their stories and start to heal. 

I still have a lot of healing to do, but because I’ve decided open my journey up  to help others.

If this blog helps just one person, then I have achieved my goal. 


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