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Knowing the signs

Well here we are, less than a month in to the new year and the depression has reared its ugly head. I realised that after three weeks of struggling with a bad cold and the cold weather, I saw the signs of my depression returning. The negative thoughts, poor sleep and anxiety. 

It seems that I can recognise the signs and realising that again I need some help. I’m so glad I’ve got a supportive family and friends. People who really care and a job that keeps my mind sharp and able to focus on something important. 

So, again I find myself looking for help from the health service. I realise it’s all part of my journey, but it sucks sometimes. 

So depression it’s time for you to go and never come back (i hope).

Thanks for reading. 


2 responses to “Knowing the signs

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  2. Hang in there; people are rooting for you. Sending positive thoughts and a hug your way. πŸ™‚ Best, phoebe

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