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Five years since my breakdown 

Five years ago I was in a different place. I had not slept properly for about four months, I was in a dark place. I place guarded by he big black dog. 

My emotions around the breakdown are still painful. I can still remember the whole week, the trips to the doctors and the hospital. The way I was treated at the hospital, being locked in the secure room. Just a couple of chairs and blank walls. They did say the “comfortable area” wasn’t available. The wait to see someone in that stark room. I did see a compassionate mental health nurse (heroes all), no doctor.

While at the hospital I realised that my journey had really started. The put me on anti-depressants, then referred me to the local mental health team. This was not a good experience, two appointments in nine months. 

As I look back, it’s with a hopeful heart that one day I’ll be able to just treat this as a sad memory. This however has been a catalyst for change in my life.


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