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Catalyst for change

As I write this, I’m realising that despite all the pain I’ve suffered I’m a better person. Yesterday I went back to the place, that I realised I had a problem.

Five years ago this week I first realised that, I was abused. I remember the feeling of confusion and anger. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time but I knew it was big.

Yesterday I went back to the community I was part at the time. It was their 30th anniversary, the thing is that it’s also 30 years since what happened, happened. 

I can now see my time in community was more than just a time of pain.  It was a time for change, change for the better. Listening to the homily at mass yesterday made me realise that I was lead there by God for a reason. It’s taken som time and prayer to see that I was sent there to start the journey. 

To begin the long road to freedom, as I now reflect on the events of five years ago and yesterday. I see the I was in the safest place to start my journey. Also, my achievements since then I can trace to the training and guidance I received in community. 

I now see this time of my life as a catalyst for change. I’m still on the journey, but with a purpose. I now realise that I must use my gifts to raise awareness of this issue and do it in a way that shows compassion and love for all.


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