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Small triumphs

Six years ago today, was a significant day. It was the day I was accepted in to community. I thought that it would be the start to my journey to priesthood. A journey I thought I’d see through to ordination. 

That wasn’t to be, whether it was fate or by design I’m realising I have a more important role in life. That is to be a witness to the healing power of prayer and hope. 

This was the catalyst for the part of my journey, having the courage to step out of the boat and walk on water. Even though there have been times that I felt myself sinking. That never happened because of the people sent to help me. Those who held me by the hand and we’re just there. 

Everyday, I see myself have small triumphs and wins. Even if I have a bad day I know things will always get better.

I didn’t even realise the significance of today, it was/is the day I started this chapter of my story. 


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