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Hope in life

This evening I watch a Vlog I made but never uploaded. I’m glad I watched it because it showed me how far I’ve come. From the depths of despair, through the pain of healing to a place of hope. 

Around the time I recorded that video I was, in so much pain I wanted to die. I was so alone and unhappy. Someone said to me this week, you have to hit rock bottom before you can climb out. This is so true, I have faced the bottom and started to climb to freedom. As with any journey I’ve had setbacks and will have to face them again. But now I realise the road is not straight and flat, far from it. 

Today, I went to a funeral. I realised that it is the journey and the companions. People, put in my path to be there for me. Whether for the long term or just to say I care. 

I now have hope in life. 


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