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Small steps and giant leaps

Tonight, I’ve found out that my depression maybe more long term than I thought. My Gp had told me I may need to take medication indefinitely, to control my illness. I now see that I need to take it more seriously than before. 

It maybe something that I am going to have to live with. I’m so disappointed by this prognosis.
So what do I do. I’m functioning normally with medication, in a good job and have great and supportive friends. It feels I’ve let everyone down again, but I know it’s my make up and I have to bear this cross. 

A few years ago someone said “I’ll will never ask you to go to Scotland in one leap, that’s impossible but in small steps. One by one, day by day”. This has never been more true. So, I have to have help to function. Well if I was paralysed I’d be in a wheelchair or have a hearing aid if I were deaf.
Maybe, I can make the most of this by raising awareness of the issues surrounding abuse, complex Ptsd and depression.  So small steps win the race. 


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