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Positive reactions 

I wasn’t sure how I was going to write this piece. 

Yesterday, I went shopping in a town near where I live Romford. There was the normal hussle and bustle of any town. 

There was a charity raising money for Children, the aim of the promotion was to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and the signs. Normally I’d just walk by and try and ignore them. For some reason I started to chat to the fundraiser. 

She asked if I knew the signs of abuse, to my suprise I shared a bit of my story. The fact I’m a survivor of abuse and I knew the signs. I then said that children need to be educated to spot the signs and to be believed if they report anything wrong. 

After some thought yesterday afternoon, I realised that people like me are needed more than ever and I feel that I should be working full time to help survivors. I feel I’m wasted working where I’m working at the moment. Maybe, I should start to think carefully about my future. 


3 responses to “Positive reactions 

  1. You and your story are needed!

  2. And the kicker? ☺

    Every single time you sit down to use your voice just like this, even if it doesn’t feel like it, you’re already working to help survivors just like you. Fact. It’s that easy—just speak. People will read, people will come, and they will find healing it the words you share with them. People DO need to hear from people just like you, and more people brave enough to share their stories are needed.

    It’s not an easy process. Personally, I’ve found it quite painful. And yet, I own my past more than it owns me. Two years ago, I couldn’t say that.

    Sometimes, sharing our own brokenness, gives someone else a chance to heal their own broken. I’d say it’s worth it.

    Or at the very least, we give our own broken a purpose. ♥

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