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Gifts (my words)

I’m realising the power my words have. The gift I have to express my feelings and fears. The healing value of sharing my story. 

When I first disclosed I felt that I had a special gift. I never realised that my words could help so many. I never thought that I could find the words. I see that some people can help by counselling others by being visible leaders. 

I feel though that words have power. Whether to heal or not, they have power. I know how words can create a smile or bing tears. Sometimes as I write the words bring tears of healing. 

I still belive I have a unique insight in to this subject and can help others understand the pain and sorrow that survivors feel. 

Even through my struggles I can see that for someone it could be a catalyst for their healing journey. 

Last night I wrote about the priesthood, maybe I can put that behind me to focus on this new mission. A chance to share this gift. 


One response to “Gifts (my words)

  1. I hope you do continue to write. Your words do have power to help others heal.

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