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Redefining my future

Five years ago, I was preparing to follow what I thought was my vocation. I was focused on becoming a priest. That was not to be. Because my past caught up with me. 

Since then I’ve had to reassess my life. There have been days when I wished I’d never been born. Getting through these days wasn’t easy. The worst of these days I endured in the early days. The things that kept me going were a group of amazing young people. They gave me hope and a reason to live. 

Now, five years on I’m beginning to redefine who I am. With the help of more amazing people. People who will tell me what I need to hear. Even if I don’t want to hear it. 

Also, a group of amazing people who see me in a different light. They are constantly seeing parts of me I can’t see. Showing faith in my talents. 

So, what does this mean. It means that I’ve stated to redefine who I am. I’m the same Ed only more experienced and more aware of who I am. 


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