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Mental health system in the UK

About four years ago I was introduced to the mental health system in the UK. My first experience was to be locked in the secure room at A&E. They didn’t have any where else to put me for my assessment. Even though the notes from the triage nurse said “good eye contact and clear speech”.

I never saw a doctor, just a mental health nurse who had a student with them. So, I told them everything. They then took my mobile no and suggested I go and get a coffee. When the doctor had decided that I needed antidepressants and a referral to the community mental health team. This is where the real nightmare begins. My first meeting with the team went badly. I was told that they may take away my police clearance (which I needed at the time). Then they said the next appointment will be with a psychologist. This appointment never happened. I waited for almost nine months. At the appointment it was suggested I could do with group therapy. The only snag I’d just about to start a new job. I was discharged.

I managed for about nine months, just by taking one day at a time. Then I referred myself to the mental health team again. Again problems. They told me I had an appointment and I waited. Three months later I called them and they told my I’d been discharged. I eventually got 12 sessions of therapy. Sadly, it didn’t work.


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