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Proud survivor

Around this time four years ago. I came to a cross-roads. It was one moment where I was totally vulnerable, I moment where I let my walls down.

This crisis point was where I admitted that I’d contemplated suicide as a real option. Out of that moment I found that I had a talent. A talent for words, words that heal.

I found that I had the heart of a poet, a friend and a survivor. A survivor against the odds. Having written my first real poem.

The freedom of writing had given me is mind blowing. It gave me a voice, the voice he stole.

Over time I have had moments where I wanted to stop writing. But then it dawned on me, it’s what he would’ve wanted.

I’m proud to say I’m a survivor because everyday my words are read and if they help someone find their voice.

That day is such an important day now. I think it changed me for the better.


One response to “Proud survivor

  1. Pam H.

    Keep strong, you are going in the right direction. Once you feel strong enough, become a voice about CSA. You will do great!

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