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A look to a brighter future.

Maybe, it’s time that I broke with the past. The past that has caused me the most pain. It’s time to honour it and draw a line. Time for me to put two years of pain in its place.

Time to say goodbye the hardest time I’ve ever had. Not knowing or feeling that I belonged. You see I never felt truly at home or welcomed by everyone in community. It feels like I should just have made a clean break three years ago. There were some members that made me feel like an outsider.

The think that really upsets me is that despite me trying to belong, I’ve always been on the outside.

Since I’ve been involved with the drama group, I’ve truly found a place of welcome and love. They’ve taken me in to the “family” and made me feel alive and wanted. I feel that I belong here. I so wish I’d found the group before I did. These last three years I now know what living is.

2015, is going to be a good year for me. I will thrive in-spite of the depression.


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