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Dark feelings

So, here I am. In on of my deepest depressions. I sometimes feel that my life is one big mess. It seems I’ve not got any better.

Depression is like hell only there’s no way out. This week I’ve struggled with just doing simple things. I still feel sick and I have no appetite. I’d far rather not eat and just go to bed.

My thoughts this week have been so dark. I can’t see a way out at the moment. I’ve not had these thoughts for four years. Then I was so lonely and isolated. Just like I am now. Then at least I had my house mates and other community members. Now they’ve deserted me.

Living in my own is hell as I can go days without seeing a soul.


One response to “Dark feelings

  1. Sending you hugs and support. I hear you. I’m so sorry you feel so lonely. xoxo

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