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Positives from the abyss

Four years ago I’d never have thought that I’d be enjoying a night with friends. Being part of a theatre group gives you a of hope. Hope that the nightmare will soon be over.

I now realise that I needed to leave the community to grow. To be the person I was always going to be. I could have never committed to the group as the community would’ve always come first.

Part of the challenge after leaving community was to find something to do in my spare time. Thanks to the theatre group, I now have this. It’s given me a new lease of life.

So, in a strange way I should thank my abuser. As I would’ve never thought of joining a group like this. So, when I look back I can see the positives from the abyss. Even though I still struggle at times, I’m in a better place and moving in the right direction.


One response to “Positives from the abyss

  1. Thank nobody but yourself. Don’t feed your abuser’s fantasy that what they did can be justified because of its positive results. You did good, for yourself and by yourself, as many people do every day. You did that DESPITE.. not ‘because’.

    Your abusers deserve no praise. They only deserve the loathing they truly have for theirselves.

    Just saying my opinion. Nobody knows your life better than you. This is just my knee jerk reaction to reading the words “I should thank my abusers.” Because I feel that your abusers are insignificant fools, and you are the one who deserves praise for living a better life.

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