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Redefining my past

Redefining my past, why I’ve had to change. Four years ago I was the pitiful victim, or so I thought.

I thought I was the only victim. Everyone else was against me. I spent my time with my head bowed all the time. It was a time where I felt so alone. I isolated myself from the people I lived with.

When I tried to be with others, felt like a outsider.

Now when I look back I see that I wasn’t to blame for these feelings. It was him. Even though he wasn’t there, he moulded all my actions. He had control over me. His control was so strong I couldn’t feel.

It was only after leaving the community I was able to break his control in my life. I think my issues there were related to control. I felt I had no control of my healing process.

It was only after leaving I realised that, I had broken his control over me. There was a vacuum for a while. When I had no direction. Now only one person controls my healing. Me.


One response to “Redefining my past

  1. so glad you have your control back now where it belongs, to you. xoxo

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