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Creativity and depression

I’ve been wondering if there is a correlation between episodes of depression and the creative urge.

As I reflect on my bursts of creativity and coming out of a low period. Ever since I started this journey I’ve noticed I’m more creative after a “dip”.

I look at some writers and musicians who have suffered with depression, have come out with some really great work. Is it the therapy of getting the bad stuff out or is it like a clearing out of our pain.

When I write my poetry, it feels like a release. I don’t know if art or other creative things are the same.

I’ve also noticed that I’m more imaginative as well. It seem that my brain go in to overdrive after a depression episode. I know that drama and acting helps me escape from my depression.

Just a thought from a survivor.


One response to “Creativity and depression

  1. I definitely think there is a link between the two. I also think writing is a release for many survivors. I know it is for me. xoxox

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