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Is recovery possible?

That was the one question I had on my mind after the initial shock and pain. I ask someone in my support network, they said not right away. Now four years on, I can say a qualified yes.

I’ve moved forward at varying paces over the time, sometimes quite quickly and other times very slowly. But the important thing is that I have made progress.

I remember sitting in a talk just looking into space, I remember feeling like I was the only male survivor. I sat and wrote straight from my heart, tears and all.

Looking back I can see that even at my lowest ebb, I was making progress. Small steps, one at a time. To be honest I was existing and not living for twenty five years. I only started to live again though the pain of my past.

So is recovery possible, of course it is. It’s not easy, sometimes you feel like you’re going to die. For me those early of healing were so important. I needed to feel the pain so I can see the joys living once again.

So my word of wisdom are. You can recover and keep strong.


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