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Dealing with the emotions of the past.

Three years ago I was given the opportunity to attend a self help course run by NAPAC. A charity that helps survivors of abuse.

I look back and see that I’m not the same person. I’ve started to let go of the poisonous emotions. The rage and the shame are a shadow of their selves. Ok, I still have some “issues”.

My past has moulded me into someone who understands the pain survivors have to face everyday.

To some extent my Christian faith has given me the strength to start to forgive him, for what he did. I will never forget but I know redemption comes from the ability to forgive.

I’ve learned that emotions can be my guide to help others bring their stories into the light. Even in my darkest days I knew deep down, that I would have the courage to share my journey.

Four years age I was a mess, but I had friends that were there for me. Without them I wouldn’t have made it.

Even though some didn’t understand, they still tried to help. My life has changed so much for the better, because I’ve dealt with my emotions.

So, looking to the future. A future I thought I’d lost.


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