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A humbling experience

In 2011 I did some street evangelism in soho square. One experience from that weekend comes to mind.

Our group were washing feet. There was this homeless young man, we got talking. I then offered to wash his feet. While doing this he shared something with me. He was a survivor of abuse, but he wasn’t as lucky as me. He’d been constantly abused.

It wasn’t what I’d expected, he just opened up to me. I felt honoured by his openness.

I realised this. There by the grace of God go I. It could have been me. Things could have been so different.

After he left, a nun came up to me and said “you showed so much compassion” Then a priest who knows what I am dealing with came to me and said “Ed, the smile on his face after the encounter was one of relief and hope”

This experience left me feeling humble and so lucky.

I never saw him again but I hope that the experience helped him.


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