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Survivors United

It is time that male survivors of sexual abuse were helped out of the darkness. It’s time that to many men commit suicide because they are ignored by the health service.

It’s also time that this macho crap is dropped by society. A man or boy should feel secure that they’re going to be believed. Our society says men should be strong. Bullshit, is what I say.

What happened to me was wrong but society breeds this conspiracy of silence. Boys and men don’t cry. Wrong! We do.

How can media perception that men are strong, be a good role model for boys?

This perception kept me from disclosing for a quarter of a century. Twenty five years of shame and pain, because men have to be strong.

Yes, I cry and I’m proud that I can release the pain.

It’s time that male survivors get the same recognition and help. The help in this country is woefully inadequate and the government needs to make meaningful strides to help male survivors.

A challenge to the government and opposition. Break down the barriers and help us heal.


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