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Damaged goods

I sometimes feel like I’m damaged goods. You know the broken down car or the broken toy.

What do you normally do damaged goods. Throw them on the scrap heap.

I feel that is all I’m good for.

But, some damaged good are quite valuable. I can see in my damaged state there is a certain light in my journey.

I see it like this every time I go forward there are people on the same journey, following behind. Maybe, I’m meant to share the bad times as they teach me how to live my life.

If, the light I leave in my wake shines for someone else it’s a plus. I see my pain can ease someone else’s.

I once had this feeling during a prayer time. ” myself and my younger self walking. And I see a light. There is no source of this light. Then I realise that my older self was shining this light from my heart. Then a voice said, Ed you are the light for your younger self. Hold him tight and walk with him.”

So, it seems that I’m my own guide. Maybe there is enough light for others.


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