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What the abuse did to me.

This post is hard to write. The effects on my life have been profound. I went from a happy child with ambition and dreams, to a child lost in the sadness of shame.

He took what he wanted, he never asked. He never said sorry. The effects were so painful. I changed as a person. I lost the ability to learn. I just sat daydreaming. I left school with poor results in my exams. I felt like a failure. He took away my spark.

I knew there was something in my past but I never had the courage to face it. I lost the will to live. I turned to drink because it dulled the pain. I never realised how the abuse affected me.

I lost so many friends because of it. I’ve found life hard because I lacked the self confidence and self esteem. Everyday has been a challenge.

After four years of healing I feel I’m only now seeing my potential. I’ve found it hard to believe in myself. I am a thriver in training.


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