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My dreams of late

I’ve been trying to make some sense of my dreams. The strange thing is that as far as safety in my dreams is concerned, is that one place keeps coming up.

The place where I started this journey. The community who helped me through the tough first year. It seems that I have a deeper connection with them than I realised.

The thing about my dreams is, ‘he’ is there looking and laughing. I always feel safe with other community members. In my dreams they show so much love. As the do in real life.

Why am I so affected be these dreams. They almost always end with me waking, sometimes in tears and sometimes shaking. The problem then is getting back to sleep. I’m usually awake for an hour or so. It’s not fair that I should be getting these nightmares,

It seems that my dreams are really affecting me during the day. I’ve had one or two moments when I could sit and cry. I try to put this to the back of my mind but sometimes it’s not possible.

I sometimes wish I could go back and tell my younger self, to tell an adult. To be able to have that person pay for what he did to me. I really hope there’s place in hell for these people. Because, I’ve had to live in my own private hell for too long.


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