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The last week

With the Rolf Harris conviction and the scandal in the Home Office. This week has been hard for survivors.

When ever you pick a newspaper or turn on the news, there it is large as life. For me it’s been hard as it’s quite near the twenty ninth anniversary of my abuse. Also during this week four years ago I was very agitated over this coming out.

The memories of both events has been really hard. I’m trying to focus on the positives. But, sometimes memories can be stronger. Even when some ask the simplest question I can feel triggered. When I look back I try to see that this process is needed.

I really wish that there was support for my family, who have shouldered some of my burdens.

Over the next few months I hope to be able to discuss the abuse issue with our new bishop. I see this as a move in the right direction. To help the many survivors of clergy abuse. I believe that the only way forward for the church is to enter dialogue with survivors and look for reconciliation.


One response to “The last week

  1. cpsingleton42 ⋅

    Very brave of you to face the world! You should be more than proud of yourself! My best thoughts go with you.

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