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Time for action.

Four years ago, I thought I was the only one. I felt so alone. But from the moment I disclosed I found that there are more male survivors. Within a few days I met a male survivor. His reaction to me was, one of pure love. He shared his story with me.

Then he prayed with me, he thanked me for showing courage. He has walked with me. He has seen me at my lowest and kicked me up the arse when needed.

In this time I’ve met other male survivors. Both online and in real life. Everyone I’ve met, I have total respect for. Now more and more men and boys are coming forward it means that this taboo subject is no longer a taboo.

The biggest plus is that the government has set aside some money to help male survivors.

With the recent media coverage in the uk, it has been apparent that we need a public inquiry into child sexual abuse in the UK.

The politicians as always are shying away from doing the right thing. A message to Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg and Mr Miliband. Please start a public inquiry in to abuse in Britain.


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