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Taking time to reassess my next steps

The last few weeks I’ve had to look at where I’m heading. It seems that, my story can bring healing to other survivors.

I never imagined, I’d be able to help others. I now really want to share my story in a positive way. Sharing the gifts I’ve been given. Helping others who are struggling finding their voice. To help them find the real person hidden inside.

I feel it time for me to forgive him. That doesn’t mean he gets away with it. It means I’m ready to move on.

Realising, that almost four years down the line, I’m in a place to move forward. There are so many survivors who need to be believed and to start the healing process.

Over the last five weeks I’ve been doing a life in the spirit course. I see this as a way to reconnect. It seems that my story is integral to this. Sharing my experience of how God has healed my body, mind and soul.

Thinking back to February 2010 when I went to a seminar, where my walls were cracked by a prayer time. When for the first time I cried about my lost past.


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