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Why it still hurts

Some of my wounds were only patched up with a plaster. I realise I need open these up to move on.

These wounds have been reopened by attending a course in my parish. I thought it would be easy to just go back and pick up where I left off. Yes, too a point. The big issue is that I still have not really come to terms with a lot of what happened to me.

By attending the course I realised that I may have some contact with the community I left almost three years ago. I didn’t realise how much I miss the community. And how much I wish I could go back and do things different. I know I can’t do this and I must reconnect with part of my past I’ve tried to forget.

An important part of my healing process. Because it was the place where I felt most comfortable to start this journey. A place where I could start the journey in safety.

Now, some of those wounds have reopened as they need to be cleansed and healed.


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