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Living in the spirit

Getting in touch with my old community over the last few weeks has shown me how I’ve grown. Before starting a course at my local church, I knew that I would have to face at least one member if the community. Little did I know the reaction I would get.

When I walked through the door into the church hall. I was greeted by smiling faces of community members I’d avoided, because I felt they would turn their heads and ignore me.

This didn’t happen, what happened was the biggest smiles and hugs. Asking how I was and chided me for not keeping in contact. By the end if that first evening it felt like I’d never been away. I just felt so loved by them. This did put me to shame as I never expected this.

I’m now realising that things I’ve done and said were wrong. They didn’t understand and I wasn’t in a place to show them as it was new for me. Almost four years down the line I now can see, they were only trying to help.

They’re all good people and I misjudged them.


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