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Thriving after abuse

I ask the question how do I thrive. It’s a subjective question. What does thriving mean to you. It could be just getting up in the morning or enjoying some music.

What does it mean to me, it means being able stand tall and shout I am free. I have day when this isn’t possible. I now see my life as not was but the possibilities of infinite maybes and what is.

Thriving is living everyday with a smile upon your face and a sing in your heart. Living every moment with joy.

This is possible because we deserve to thrive. And recovery is possible. So, form the darkest day to the bright sunshine we are worth it.


One response to “Thriving after abuse

  1. Thriving is finding spots of joy and laughter in my days that were once filled with rage and tears. Thriving is being able to see that life is good today. Thriving is being able to see the blessings that my life is filled with today. Thriving is loving myself and putting my needs first so I run on full instead of empty all of the time.

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