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Feeling so blessed

How my life has changed due to a call. The call to serve The Lord. I thought that my life was leading to priesthood. How could I have been so wrong. Maybe, I just didn’t listen.

In 2005 I had an experience that changed me. As I discerned my vocation, I thought I knew what my future held. To some extent I do.

In August 2009 I made a leap of faith. It was so very hard to give my all. I suppose that, I had preconceptions of what to expect. I never thought that I’d be comfortable enough to open my heart and mind to what ever God had to say.

Just over a year later, things changed. I still thought that I could get over the abuse in a couple of months. Three and half years down the line I’m still working through it.

The important thing I think was, I was so settled and in tune that it was time to start healing. Even though I left that community a year later. I owe them so much. They did there best to help. Ok, it was a steep learning curve for both myself and the community.

My reaction was not something I’m proud of. But, last week I met up with some of the community for the first time in over a year. Mainly due to me being stubborn.

Anyhow their reaction to me last week was one I will remember for a very long time. Nothing but smiles and hugs. Even felt like I’d never left the community. So, can I say I need to forget those two and a half years I was connected to them. I can’t. Because they have seen me at my lowest ebb. They, in their own way were supporting me with love and prayers.


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