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A week in reflection

What a week this has been. Last weekend I was so drained and stressed. I thought my healing journey had come to an abrupt halt. I thought I would not make it through the week.

I felt so low and tired. Then it dawned on me that most people deal with this every day. For the first time in years I have felt normal.

More positives later in the week. I realised that I can be the worlds biggest idiot. Because my perception has been so skewed I cut people who genuinely love and care about me. I realised that I have been so wrong about my past. Trying to put two and a half years of my life out of mind was wrong and I felt empty. The welcome I got from these people was just so heart warming. It renewed my faith in others.

The week has been a real breakthrough in my healing and not the end. It’s a new beginning for me.

Here’s to my future, a bright one.


One response to “A week in reflection

  1. awesome. Sometimes healing does come to a halt, just for bit, then somethings jars it up again and we start to move forward again. Glad you had some heart warming experiences 🙂

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