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Victim verses Survivor

You can’t watch a news report or pick up a newspaper in the UK at the moment without hearing about some abuse scandal.

The thing that annoys me is how they describe us as “victims” rather than survivors. This got me thinking when did I realise, when I became a survivor.

I think the change happened over the course of time. As an exercise I’ve thought up this post. This is only my opinion and experience.

When I thought like a victim:

I was selfish not in a positive way but generally a pain in the backside.

I acted as though I was tho only one who had ever been abused.

I was frightened by my own shadow.

I retreated in to my shell.

I was anti social and avoided company.

This list can go on forever but you get the idea.

Me as a survivor/thriver:

I’m selfish in a positive way I.e more self care.

I’ve found my voice.

I realised that people care about me for who I am.

I’m more creative.

I now am able face my fears

Most importantly I survived and now I’m starting to thrive.


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