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Sharing frees us

I’m realising that the most powerful form of healing is sharing our stories and being believed. It’s like acknowledgment heals a little every time. The healing comes from you understanding that you are not to blame.

When you share you open up a little space in your heart and you start to trust when someone just listens and doesn’t offer an opinion. The beauty of sharing is you may find someone who needs to hear that healing is possible.

It destroys the messages the abuser sends to you. It untangles the web of deceit that they weave. It sends the message that I am who, I am and I want to live my life my way.


3 responses to “Sharing frees us

  1. Yes, sharing our stories helps others to share their stories and gives them permission to break their own silence of abuse. Our numbers are growing. Soon everyone will know that child abuse has to stop.

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