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My old friend, depression

For the last week I’ve really struggled with my depression. Even though I’m on medication I sometime feel that they only paper over the cracks. But this is the problem with a health service that is slowly being run down.

Mental health services are the poor relation to the rest of the NHS. The problem lies with decisions to put some services out to tender.

Last year, I had just 11 sessions of therapy. We had just started to make some progress. I’ve now been on medication for six months. They’ve been had as I know that it’s just managing the depression. The guidelines say that the most effective treatment is a combination of medication and therapy.

I know that this is in a perfect world. But there are impacts on a persons life with taking medication.

We need to help survivors any way we can.

I use writing this blog and poetry as a form of therapy. It’s free and it really helps.


One response to “My old friend, depression

  1. Hi…I’m sorry you could only have limited therapy last year. That NHS really sucks. I am so glad I have my our therapist. I hope you find someone soon too. XXX

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