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Fear of the unknown

I sometimes feel that non survivors fear us. Not in a bad way but in a frustrating way. They don’t know how to talk to us and how to act around us.

Sometimes it’s like you don’t exist or they’re over protective. I find that if they just ask ‘are you ok?’ or just treat you as normal. When you’re down sometimes you just want that question asked or a hug.

The worse thing you can do is ignore or think there’s nothing wrong. A quiet word of support is so important.

People need to let the survivor lead in their recovery. Let them have control of their healing journey.

I know sometimes it can be frightening to see someone they care about in pain. But, sometimes it’s just needed to let them sit and just be.

My experience of this was that the people around me struggled to deal with me and what I was going through. They didn’t understand that it was normal for me to be like this.

As I move on I can see that they were only trying to help. Even though I could not see it then.

I hope that this insight into how others react will help.


One response to “Fear of the unknown

  1. I think you have some great insight and advice. I hope some non survivors see it. XX

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