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Time to make a stand

Time for men to stand up and free themselves from the shackles of our past. Opening our hearts to healing. It’s time to share our stories, to shine light in the dark places.

We as a society need to believe that boys get hurt too. As a man, I thought I was strong by keeping it silent. All I was doing was perpetuating his lie. The strength I wanted was not there.

The day I opened up, it was like turning on a light. All of a sudden I realised that if one person takes a stand some people listen. Just imagine if all survivors take a stand. What a noise we would make.

A message to all male survivors ” YOU ARE NOT ALONE”


One response to “Time to make a stand

  1. Thank you for joining other male survivors in breaking the silence of your abuse. It is only thru working together, male and female survivors, that we will ever have a chance of stopping other children from being abused.

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